Yeh silsile

Aajkal yeh dil aur dimaag mel khaate nahin, Kuch khoyi khoyi si rehti hun. Kitaabon main dhyaan lagta nahin, Khuli aankhon se sapne bunti hun. Kuch ajeeb si bechaeni rehti hai dil main. Saanson ka rukh bhi na jane kaun sa hai, Door hun tumse par, Woh lamhe door jaate nahin. Jab suhani woh Raat … Continue reading Yeh silsile


Kuch prem ki baatein

So much goes on in life, with the various ups and downs, all flowing without interruption into one another. People leave, new people come in. It is so effortless at times, at times you put in so much of effort. Often wondering, is this actually worth it? Well, i don't know. This leaves me wondering, … Continue reading Kuch prem ki baatein